Murphy’s Tyrepower offer a range of services to maintain your tyres and keep you safe on the road.

Wheel Alignments

Correct alignment is critical for safe handling and long tyre life. If your car wheels are out of alignment you could be adversely affecting tyre wear, fuel consumption and more. While many older cars only need front wheels aligned, many newer cars also need rear wheels aligned.

The trick with wheel alignments is that hitting a big pothole, bump or gutter can immediately throw it out. If you’re not sure how your current tyres are wearing, pop in for a free tyre inspection.

Wheel Balancing

Quality wheel balancing will ensure smooth driving under all conditions. We operate the latest computer balancing equipment.

Brake Servicing

We offer a full range of services to get your brakes back in top condition. From brake pad/shoe replacement to rotor machining or replacement, we use only top quality parts.