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The Discoverer HT3 is an excellent choice for drivers carrying extra loads on their vehicles such as caravans or camper trailers in tow, as well as trade vehicles needing extra touring, towing and traction performance. Designed for both on and off-road driving, the Cooper HT3 carcass construction is specifically built for reliability, safety and strength in these conditions.

Key Features

  • NEW! 3D Micro-Gauge Siping Technology - For increased handling and stability, these specially designed micro-gauge sipes work by interlocking together to provide stability to the tread elements as they turn over the road surface.
  • Balanced Tread Wear - Optimised larger tread profile is designed for better handling, control and response. Increased tread wear comes from this flatter tread shape, by having more tyre contact to the ground you get longer lasting, more balanced tread wear.
  • Advanced Tyre Construction - Super Tensile steel belts and other components help reduce overall tyre weight and limit excess fuel consumption.
  • Silica Infused Tread Compound - Tread compound provides enhanced wet traction in all wet weather conditions. This silica compound also prolongs the tread wear for a longer lasting tyre.
  • Less Stone Retention - Stone repelling draft angles on the circumferential groove walls are positioned to resist stone drilling and stone retention which cause damage to the tread blocks.
  • Reduced Noise - The newly developed 4 pitch sequence lowers in-car noise. These 4 different sized tread elements are arranged in a specific order to reduce the harmonic pitch and rolling vibration, allowing the tyre to run quieter at different speeds.
  • Optimal resistance to Hydroplaning- Wider grooves improves water evacuation from the tyre’s footprint for optimal resistance to hydroplaning.
  • Even Wear Tread Design - The continuous outer tread ribs provide additional stability and strong resistance to irregular wear in situations where starting/stopping and constant turning are the norm. The solid ribs also reduce the amplitude of sound waves for a quieter ride.
  • Premium wet traction throughout the life of the tyre - The maximum full depth 3D Sipes at varied densities contribute to improved handling and driving stability. 3D Sipes maintain premium wet traction throughout the life of the tyre.

Performance Category: Light Truck

Size Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter Runflat
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